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One of the most precious things to me in life is leaving the noisy streets of Berlin behind and enjoying a moment of peace with people I love. In such moments, the warmth of a lit candle is never far in our home. I can think of little else that can give a room the same tranquil peace that comes from a swaying candle flame.

This serenity of a burning candle is what I am trying to reflect in its form and colour. I think candles deserve a prettier garb and hope to share the joy I get from candle light and crafting with you. This wish of mine, a fixed idea for a while, now created this website, where you will not only find candles, but candle holders, too, as I think any beautiful candle deserves some beautiful slippers as well.


My husband and I hand-produce all of these here where our candles always burn, at our very own haven of peace in the middle of Berlin. He is the one who also gave me my name, by the way, with which the Russian part of my family greets me today.


Hey Lenochka

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